Thanksgiving the most beautiful holiday 🦃

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Before arriving in this country, I had the wrong idea that Thanksgiving was linked to Black Friday and was a more commercial celebration; four years ago, I discovered with great pleasure this beautiful tradition.  Gratitude is one of the most beautiful feelings since we are filled with gratitude for the blessing that we receive and generally leads us to try to return, in some way, that good.

 According to the story, it was tough for the pilgrims to reach this country. However, after learning from native farming, hunting, and fishing techniques, they gathered with them to enjoy a great banquet after their first harvest.  Those say that they are the origins of this celebration in the 1600s, and now it continues to be carried out with all the variants that have emerged through the years.

Traditionally, families and friends gather on this day to share; it is the most important thing, in addition to the delicious dishes that fill the table based on turkey, corn, sweet potato, blueberries, pumpkin, pecan accompanied by apple cider.

Personally, arriving in this country was a great opportunity because I could make one of my dreams come true, which was to create Easy Events. With these party rentals, my goal was to help people to enjoy their celebrations. Most of the time, those celebrations are significant life events, like birthdays, graduations, weddings, etc. 

Finally, as an immigrant, the meaning of Thanksgiving lies in the sharing of those who celebrated for the first time who together built a great nation.  In 2020, even though some families cannot be together due to the pandemic, we must keep the traditions alive, meet with close friends, who in a certain way are also in our family, offer a plate of food to the less favored, and continue thanking them for being alive, healthy and willing to continue contributing our grain of sand so that this nation continues to grow.