Discover the new modalities to celebrate πŸŽ‰ life like Alice in Wonderland!

We have all seen some adaptation of Lewis Caroll’s book “Alice in Wonderland”, a surreal story that takes us on a journey through a girl’s experiences in a world unknown to her. I personally love the tea party with the Mad Hatter, I am fascinated by the ability to make an eternal meeting for tea in an experience full of madness, and despite how annoying it was for the young protagonist, I am always it has intrigued by how many ways they would have had to invent to celebrate with friends.

This year 2020 has made me feel that I am living a similar story to Alicia in Wonderland; during the pandemic of COVID 19, everyone in the world has changed their lives, but little by little, we are taking up some things in what we now call the new normal.

As is well known by all, part of the measures that have been taken amid the contingency that we live in this crazy world is social distancing; for me, the most difficult was to stop sharing with family and friends. That is why I want to give you TIPS  and suggestions to carry out your celebrations with your loved ones without putting your health or that of your guests at risk because life does not stop, and we must celebrate every special moment.


1. The first thing you should do is define the biosecurity measures for your event: Use of face masks in public spaces (if so, required in your area), frequent hand hygiene (you can use antibacterial), social distancing.

2. Second, find a space to hold the meeting. Try to be outdoors to minimize the risks of contagion. If you do it in a closed area, consider that the air can circulate permanently, we recommend opening doors and windows. If you cannot use natural ventilation, check that the air systems are working correctly.

3. Third, Make your guest list. First of all, check the maximum number of people that can meet in your space. Remember to take into account space where you are going to hold the event; you must try to maintain the measure of social distancing, two meters between each person, depending on the size of the space, it will be the maximum amount to invite. Also, consider checking your guest’s health, especially if it will be in a closed area.

4. Fourth, define a theme, so you can choose the decoration, food, drinks, and even if you dare, games, and dynamics to perform during the event. As in many countries, masks’ use is mandatory; I suggest you make them personalized with drawings alluding to your meeting; there are many entrepreneurs who are dedicating themselves to making them with incredible quality. If you are doing things yourself, you can make them in unicolor fabric and draw them with fabric markers (decorating them at the meeting can be an activity that you offer to your guests).

5. No less important is the schedule and estimated time of the event. Depending on the time you decide to hold the meeting and how long it lasts, the menu, amount of food and drinks, and the activities to be carried out are defined.

6. With things already clear, it is time to make the invitations. It has been more common to send them by email or through a social network for some time. Explore your imagination! You can make a video or an animated invitation. I suggest you put the biosecurity measures that you will take (social distancing, frequent hand hygiene, use of face masks) there. Call your guests a few minutes apart to avoid crowds upon arrival.

7. My favorite moment in every celebration has arrived: Let’s eat! If you are going to offer a complete meal, try to deliver it packed in individual portions. Drinks can be offered in disposable bottles or cans. If you are offering snacks that are in individual servings, avoid using standard trays.

8. Establish one or more points for the disposal of waste, ensure that your guests do not leave the utensils they use to drink and eat on the tables.

9. Make sure that your guests do not go to the bathroom in a group, typical of us girls, so you avoid queuing to enter. Be very patient in this because sometimes it is the time of the best conversations between us. (This I am going to modify).

10. Now that you have everything ready, it was time to enjoy it because life is one, and we must share and celebrate despite the circumstances.

From Easy Events, we hope you can get together with your loved ones, and when all this happens, we will embrace it again.



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Thank you for always being with us.

The Easy Events team.