Celebrating special moments during the pandemic. How to make events safer? 😷 Some recommendations

However, Covid-19 imposed a new way of celebrating special moments in our personal, and professional lives. Some of the measures taken to prevent contagion have come to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. One study estimated that social distancing restrictions could remain in place until 2022, for example. But this should not discourage us: as long as we have in mind a series of considerations, we can enjoy safe and joyful meetings and events. This is certainly very necessary, since we are social beings and we need to get together, share and celebrate life and its pleasurable moments, as well as special dates and the achievements of organizations.

At Easy Events we implement strategies and encourage careful practices to protect our clients and our staff during these times of pandemic. As main measures, we supply our employees with face masks and gloves, and regularly sanitize the spaces where we work and interact. Besides, we put up barriers that help maintain the recommended social distance (six feet) between people.


Prior to events and meetings, Easy Events suggests that hosts remind their guests the importance of attending to personal prevention practices —such as frequent hand washing, staying at home if they are sick or feel unwell, keep the social distance and wear face masks.

Our company offers party rentals services and supplies in Houston and surrounding areas. We rent furniture (rustic, vintage and much more), equipment (audio, video, lighting), stages, dance floors, LED products, glassware and linen for social and corporate events. We help our clients in the selection of these elements for their galas, business meetings, festivals, conventions, award ceremonies, concerts, weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, anniversaries, sweet sixteen birthday or “quinceañeras” parties, etc. We help to add special details to your events and parties that take place in Houston, Austin, Dallas and their surroundings.

Others Easy recommendations

To make the celebrations even safer in these special times, we suggest to follow these recommendations:

√ Anticipate the guests the measures that will be taken to take care of everyone’s health, so as to ensure that they will be willing to accept some basic rules for the event.

Avoid the use of physical invitations. Nowadays there are countless digital alternatives for their preparation and delivery.

√ It is better to choose outdoor spaces for the party so as to reduce the risks of contagion. We can provide awnings and all the necessary furniture for this purpose. If to be outdoors is not possible, there are ways of locating people indoors comfortably while respecting the demand for social distance. At Easy Events we are always available to support the organizers in evaluating the capacity of the space and defining the number of guests.

√ Place tables and chairs in a circle at safe distance so guests can talk. Families or people who live in the same house could be grouped together at the same table so that they can comfortably talk and eat without using the face mask.

Staggering the arrival time of guests is a common practice, and it acquires special importance during the pandemic, since it allows to avoid crowding at the entrance areas.

√ We recommend serving individual packaged meals. Drinks, both in bottles or cans, must be also served individually.

√ If the event takes place in a closed space, check that the ventilation systems are working properly and, if possible, increase the circulation of outside air, for example by opening doors and windows.

√ To integrate the use of face masks with some humor, it is recommended to design them according to the theme of the event. For kids, we suggest purchasing white face masks and fabric markers so that they can decorate them themselves.

√ Invite attendees to frequent hand washing. A creative option is to offer them individual antibacterial products, decorated with the theme of the event.

√ It is advisable to limit the number of people entering the toilet at any given time so as to discourage queuing.

By paying attention to these Easy Events recommendations, you will be able to organize safe parties and events under “the new normality”, accepting the situation with philosophy and patience to continue celebrating life and special moments. With caution, but with the same passion as always.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, personalization and touchless experiences

In these times of pandemic, it´s advisable to avoid operations and exchanges that involve physical contact. But neither should we neglect the “human touch” that gives warmth to a celebration.

One of the differentials that distinguish Easy Events is the decision to offer a personalized service at no extra cost. Each human being and each company or organization is unique, and each event also has to be so. We offer many options because every detail count: tables and chairs, LED furniture, white or LED indoor and outdoor lounges, decorative lighting, LED video walls and much more.

Beyond renting furniture and integral equipment for various kinds of events, we accompany our clients during all the selection process so as to make it less stressful. We make it a pleasant and simple process, enabling them to rent everything they need to enhance their event in a single party rental. And especially in these days, marked by Covid-19, we help them with the set up so that they can comply with the social distancing measures and reinforce health precautions.
Our logistical support helps to turn events into meaningful experiences, which leave fond memories in the guests’ minds.



It is our pleasure to inform you that very soon we will have a new Easy Events website, where you will be able to know better our unique services, but also to choose our products from a wide catalog and generate a quote request. We have been working for a long time on this new website, which will revolutionize the way we work with our clients.

Thank you for always being with us.

The Easy Events team.